Cloud light ‘le Nuage’

The cloud light ‘le Nuage’ is a suspended light object in the form of – and with the character of – a cloud. The exterior is made of polyester wadding, formed in such a way that there is a difference in light permeability. On the inside, the energy-saving lightbulb is surrounded by a casco which has been specially treated to create a diffuse light with various colour variegations. This gives the light object the character of a cloud through which the sun is shining. ‘Le Nuage’ creates both ambient and functional light.

‘Le Nuage’ can vary in size from 20 inches (50 cm) to more than 33 feet (10 m). The smaller models are suitable for home use, for example in living rooms and bedrooms and especially above (dining) tables. Larger models provide atmospheric lighting for commercial buildings.

Product information

Material: polyester wadding
Energy-saving lightbulb(s): 23 watts
Weight: depends on the size
Format: approx. 20 inches – 33 feet (500 – 10,000 mm)
Particulars: Size and form are determined in consultation with the client. The smaller models come with a transparent lead of 8’2″ (2.5 metres) and a ceiling cap.
Prices: starting at € 295 (excluding shipping costs) for a 20 inches/50 cm small model

How to purchase

Wout Wessemius is a self producing designer and (applied) artist. He makes all the cloud pendant lights himself. This light object is not sold in shops and can only be ordered directly through Wout Wessemius. For information about ‘le Nuage’, to request a quote, or to make an order, please contact Wout.

Delivery time: For smaller models, a maximum of 6 weeks. For larger models, in consultation.

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