Hearth for outdoor use Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden is a hearth for outdoor use, created from a rusty tube. She is able to revolve so that the fire can be seen from every desired angle. Her striking, impressive exterior makes her an art piece in her own right. Nonetheless, she was initially designed to allow a fire to burn. Her heavy weight and anchor pins ensure that she stands solidly on both natural ground as well as on a stone ground, for example.
As the hearth is warmed for a prolonged period of time, the steel gains a glowing, red exterior. When the steel has cooled down, parts of the tube will be dark, and sometimes even coloured black. If the hearth has not been used for a while, these areas will once again become rusty. The Iron Maiden will then re-acquire an even, rusty appearance.

Product information

Material: 1/4 inch (6.5 mm) steel (tube)
Tube ⌀: 10.8 inch (275 mm)
Height:  including foot 8’7” (2650 mm)
Weight: approx.  310 lbs (140 kg)


The stainless steel grid, on which the wood lies, is detachable. The ease with which the hearth revolves can be determined with a nut, underneath the foot. The Iron Maiden can also be bolted with this nut.


Non-revolving version € 1250

How to purchase

Wout Wessemius is a self producing designer and applied artist. ‘Iron Maiden’ is not sold in stores and can only be ordered directly through Wout Wessemius. For information about ‘Iron Maiden’, to request a quote, or to place an order, please contact Wout.

Both versions in stock.

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