RUBBER stool ‘Tuby’

“Tuby” owns a steel construction and the seat upholstery is made from EPDM-rubber. This rubber is made for intensive use, big differences in temperature and being exposed to UV light. And so got a long lasting life. Under the seat the rubber used, is from a truck inner tube.  Low models are especially suitable for kids, medium sized models are suitable for dinner tables. “Tuby” is also available as bar stool.

Product information

Material: steel, wood, rubber and foam
Height: 40 cm, 50 cm (height dining chair), 60 cm and 80 cm (bar stool)


Stool € 450

(excluding shipping costs)

How to purchase

Wout Wessemius is a self producing designer and applied artist. ‘Tuby’ is not sold in stores and can only be ordered directly through Wout Wessemius. For information about ‘Tuby’, to request a quote, or to place an order, please contact Wout.

Stools of different heights in stock. Delivery time bar stool approx. 8 weeks.

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