‘De Rietschans’

‘Rietschoof’ lamp, custom design for ‘De Rietschans’.

Commissioned Design

Over the years Wout has done a lot of interior work for a wide variety of buildings.
Including several restaurants, hotels and stores etc, that contain multiple objects to create a coherent atmosphere. Although some of the projects consisted of placing existing work, most objects are custom-made.

‘De Rietschans’

One of the latest interiors Wout was involved with was the interior from ‘De Rietschans’. The restaurant is located near Groningen in the Netherlands. The building can house over 400 people and has a multifunctional purpose with different spaces for all sorts of events.

The restaurant is situated on a lakeshore between the reeds, hence the name ‘De Rietschans’ was decided upon ( it can be translated as reed trench ). After the original building was destroyed due to a fire, ignited by lightning, a new restaurant was built in its place. Wout was asked to provide lighting solutions for various rooms in the restaurant.


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